Official of the Year

Selection Criteria
1. What officiating qualification does the member currently hold, Core, Technical or Senior Official?
2. List the member’s officiating roles they have fulfilled during the season at Club, Branch, State, National and International level (where applicable).
3. Describe the Officials achievements during the 23/24 season, including examples, areas of achievement may be in mentoring, training, documentation and process, new programs, solving problems etc.
4. Please provide examples of how the official adheres to and is a role model of the values of SLSA, Surf Sports and the SLSA Match Fixing Policy.
5. List any training or development the official has undertaken this season to improve themselves and their impact.
Other Information
Clubs are to submit nominations for Branch selection. Branch recipients will then progress to a State level as finalists for the selection of a State recipient.
The state recipient will progress to National as the Queensland finalist.
Presentation of Award
SLSQ Awards of Excellence
Date of Circulation
Closing Date
Please refer to your Branch closing date
Judging Panel
Surf Sports Meritorious Awards Selection Panel