Sports Team Manager of the Year Award

Award Description
The purpose of this award is to recognise and reward members who have have held the position of Team Manager during the season and have demonstrated their ability in ensuring the successful management of their team and in particular the welfare of the athletes in their care.
Selection Criteria
1. Tell us about the member/individual being nominated. Consider the following:
What relevant positions, roles or responsibilities did they hold? Did they model positive and supportive attitudes, behaviours and actions?
2. What has been achieved? Consider the following:
Have they done something in response to an identified need or problem?
Have they done something new or different to achieve results?
Have they had to overcome any challenges to make a difference or achieve success?
3. What impact has this had, and for whom? Consider the following:
Have they inspired others to think or to do things differently?
Other Information
Clubs are to submit nominations for Branch selection. Branch recipients will then progress to a State level as finalists for the selection of a State recipient.
Presentation of Award
SLSQ Awards of Excellence Dinner
Date of Circulation
Closing Date
Please refer to your Branch closing date.
Judging Panel
Surf Sports Meritorious Awards Selection Panel