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and swimming

Some people might look to consume a few drinks while enjoying their day at the beach, but it’s important to understand that swimming while under the influence of alcohol is a recipe for disaster.

Alcohol not only impairs your judgement, but also significantly slows your reflexes – a dangerous, and potentially deadly, combination when it comes to the surf.

The effects of Alcohol

Alcohol and drugs can affect people in different ways. Consuming alcohol and drugs can lead to:

Impaired judgement

  • Prompting you to take unnecessary risks, while overrating your ability in the surf
  • Adversely impacting your ability to identify and manage dangerous situations

Lack of coordination and reaction time

  • It may affect your senses of sight, sound and touch
  • It may take you longer to react due to a decrease in brain response and ability to process information

Inability to control temperature

  • Overheating may result, due to dehydration and unawareness of sun exposure
  • Hypothermia could also result depending on conditions